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Members Gym


There is a full gym within the academy which houses commercial machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment for use by our students who are 16+.

Members who are on enhanced memberships are permitted to utilise the gym 24/7 and are provided with an access code. 

Parents of children who are members are also permitted to use the Gym when their child’s class is taking place.

All gym use is subject to completing an induction. 

Please message or email the team if you’d like to book on to the next induction date. 

250+ Members

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly academy at Summit Grappling. Get healthy, have fun and learn a new skill.

  • 250+ Members
  • 3+ Age Range
  • 22+ Coaches
  • 5 Disciplines
  • 35+ Weekly Classes
  • 7 days per week