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Summit Grappling Academy

Isle of Man

At Summit Grappling Academy we offer classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Kickboxing and Fitness.

Suitable for anyone ages 3+, discover the benefits of the arts we specialise in. Get healthy, have fun and learn a new skill.

Welcome to Summit

Our classes are suitable for everyone, whether you’re looking for a new hobby, a way of keeping fit or are interested in competing. Experienced coaches deliver over 30 classes a week, in a safe controlled environment, ensuring every student learns and is supported in the way that they need. More than just sport, the Grappling we teach is great for self-defence, strength, flexibility, confidence and overall wellbeing.

250+ Members

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly academy at Summit Grappling. Get healthy, have fun and learn a new skill.


Class Schedule
  • 250+ Members
  • 3+ Age Range
  • 22+ Coaches
  • 5 Disciplines
  • 35+ Weekly Classes
  • 7 days per week

Why join Summit Grappling Academy Isle of Man?

  • 01.


    We provide a safe and fun environment in which Students can thrive, improving their skills and experiencing the benefits of our sports.

  • 02.


    We are a team, and we train like a family. We are inclusive, considerate and supportive of our partners and team mates.

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    We want the best for our Students, pushing and encouraging them to continually improve and achieve their goals.


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