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Meet the team at Summit Grappling Academy, delivering over 35 classes per week for kids, teens and adults. Our experienced Coaches are committed to delivering safe and quality instruction to help all Students increase their ability.

Our Programme

Our curriculum is designed not only to focus on skill and strength, but continued learning and development – both physically and mentally. 

We follow a belt system, progressing from White Belt to Black Belt. Our classes are structured in a way to make them suitable for all abilities, ensuring that we cover the fundamentals, movement control and more complicated techniques.
This is the same for our Kid’s classes – with the addition of some sport games which complement the training they are doing, either through cardio, co-ordination or repetition of specific movements. 

Each class begins with a group warm up, and then moves on to specific techniques covering takedowns, control positions, transitions, attacks and defences. 

When we look at promotions, students are assessed on three main areas:

ATTITUDE: We assess how engaged our Students are. We look at how well they follow instructions, leading by example for the newer or younger students. We listen to the responses offered to class questions, and monitor how they treat their partners. All of our Students deserve to be treated with respect, kindness and consideration. 

ABILITY: We are looking at how well each individual is picking up the techniques, everyone is assessed at their own pace. We’re looking for incremental but continual improvements in the application and consideration of techniques, building an understanding of the sport and their own ability. 

ATTENDANCE: We do not expect our Students to attend classes every day, we are however looking for regular and dedicated attendance, arriving on time in the correct uniform. 

Everyone’s journey with sport progresses at different speeds, and we cater for Students ranging from hobbyists to competitors. We teach our Students that we are team, and one person’s achievement does not detract from your own achievements.

Supporting the individual journey of each Student is our focus.

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We pride ourselves on being a family friendly academy at Summit Grappling. Get healthy, have fun and learn a new skill.


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